[30], Later, Lasky was present as Dr. Glassman outlined a plan to free Infinity from the slipspace conduit system anchoring the ship to Requiem when multiple Covenant ships began to exit the shield world. When the Created seized power in late 2558, Lasky ordered a tactical retreat, resolving to fight only when a way to do so could be found. [11], The hawkish Walter Vickers aggressively despised Lasky, lashing out at him with verbal abuse and eventually resorting to public physical altercations. [33], Lasky then contacted Palmer and informed her of the Covenant cruisers en-route to their site. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Frustrated by the verbal and physical harassment he had received from Vickers, Lasky assaulted his squadmate in the school's mess hall. Once aboard, the team would wait until 'Mdama's fleet—including the carrier—arrived at the Absolute Record and then use a telemetry probe to transmit their location to the UNSC. Petra and Naiya asked him if he knew Clayton would betray the UNSC. [14], Ray and Lasky attacked a Covenant base and destroyed the source of the Covenant jamming signal. Captain Thomas J. Lasky. The actor, best known for his previous roles in Criminal Minds and Dharma & Greg , has officially gotten divorced from his … Master Chief is the main character of Halo comic series by Dark Horse Comics . This constant display of pacifism and sympathy towards the Insurrectionist cause did not hamper his enthusiasm to lead his team into combat; however, he preferred to use tactics that would force the enemy to capitulate rather than be killed. Believing Cortana could track them Lasky ordered them to continue random jumps and steer clear of major settlements until they found a way to fight her. [6] In January 2553, he gave a tour of the ship to Jun-A266 and four of the first SPARTAN-IVs, including Sarah Palmer. [20] Lasky then led a "blowthrough op" to shut down the particle cannons protecting the gravity well generator that was preventing Infinity from escaping Requiem. [33], Days later, he and Lord Hood discussed the troubling prospect that the UNSC's hierarchy had been severely breached, as only someone in the upper echelon could have leaked the location of the negotiations. He's also the main character of Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn. [45] Despite of brass being against any UNSC involvement in Arbiter's war, Cpt. Despite the fact that Lasky turned a covert operation into a battle, Lasky noted that Osman was satisfied during the debriefing. He is best known for voicing Shin Mouri from "Ronin Warriors", Xylophoneman and Alarm-kun from "Soreike! Captain Lasky overseeing Infinity's second expedition to Requiem. With communications to their ships having been blocked, they were left without any reinforcements. Afterwards, he dispatched a Pelican to rescue him and arranged an honor guard of Marines and Spartans for his official return from being missing in action. [24] Sometime later, Lasky brought in Dr. Catherine Halsey, matriarch of the SPARTAN-IIs and engineer of the Infinity's engines in order to study the artifact in Glassman's absence, much to Palmer's dismay. [8], Thomas Lasky was born on August 15, 2510[2] to Colonel Audrey Lasky, his mother, in Tricode Village, Mare Erythraeum, Mars and grew up in New Harmony. Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn is a military science fiction web series set in the universe of the Halo franchise. Worse, his health declined rapidly during the school's mandatory acclimation to cryosleep; he suffered from large blisters and a persistent cough. #strip club au #why am i like this #does he wear like hot pants on casual friday tho #IM SORRY IM FIXATED ON LASKY ITS MY BRAND. Before their departure Lasky reminded Locke about the secrecy of their mission and wished him luck. Lasky sought to enlist the help of his childhood friend, the journalist Petra Janecek, although Hood was uneasy about this decision. After the squad had run out of ammunition, the Spartan planned to distract a pursuing Mgalekgolo while the cadets escaped; however, Lasky sprinted ahead, drawing the Mgalekgolo's fire in an almost suicidal maneuver. Dimkee Hotay / Additional Voices (voice) Jeff Steitzer. Commander Lasky reviewing Cortana's distress signal. Lasky's anti-UNSC views were frequently challenged by fellow Cadet Chyler Silva, a staunch UNSC supporter and keen Corbulo student, who attempted to convince Lasky about the value of their training. This has made him somewhat apathetic to underhanded schemes within the UNSC's organization, although there are still lines he is unwilling to cross. [34], Janecek, Lasky and Ray traveled to the Sangheili colony of Karava. [7] Lasky was instrumental in helping the Master Chief stop the vengeful Forerunner and under his leadership the Infinity would play a key role in numerous important missions. God I need bartender Lasky in a bowtie and a corset vest bc this is a strip club and also corset vests are CLASSY AS FUCK. your own Pins on Pinterest Lasky wondered which was worse: that ONI created a fake operation to kill Kig-Yar pirates or that they fell for the staged act. However, a rebel splinter group of Jul 'Mdama's Covenant shot down the aircraft and took the UNSC's half of the Janus Key for themselves. [29] However, Lasky did not see the execution of a civilian as necessary and ordered Palmer—who was gearing up to finish the job—to stand down but to no avail. Ostensibly in case the Chief had already left, Lasky had a Pelican gunship prepared for full combat pursuit, but really with the intention of giving it to the Master Chief. Then suddenly Infinity's bridge lights darkened and Cortana's hologram appeared. The two were interrupted, however, when Promethean forces gained access to the interior of Infinity. His mother was a Colonel in the UNSC and his older brother was a graduate of Corbulo Academy whom after graduation, became an ODST (Orbital Drop Shock Trooper), in which Lasky communicated with during his down-time. [18] With the help of the Infinity, the Arbiter was able to defeat the Servants of the Abiding Truth at Vadam. Linda-058 / Additional Voices (voice) (as Brittany Uomoleale) Kari Wahlgren. [5] Since at least 2552, then-commander Lasky served as Captain Andrew Del Rio's executive officer aboard the UNSC Infinity. With Zuma converging on Hastati's flag, Lasky positioned his squad in a formation reminiscent of the pincer movement, a tactic utilized to great effect by Hannibal at Cannae in 216 BCE, taught to the freshman cadets only a day before the exercise by Colonel Mehaffey. He was strongly affected by his first encounter with the Spartan on Circinius IV, with the Chief's commendation of his actions serving as a major source of inspiration for the young cadet in his fledgling career. After securing a pair of Banshees, they observed Covenant ships take off towards the redoubt. [33], During his time at Corbulo Academy, he was known for his renegade attitude as an "Innie sympathizer" and was initially shunned universally by his squadmates and other classmates alike. [22], Upon return to Earth, Lasky passed on the Master Chief's warning and as a result of Del Rio's cowardice and Lasky's support of the Master Chief, Del Rio was removed from command and Lasky was promoted to Captain to replace him. Once the ship was free and Crimson and Majestic were aboard, Lasky ordered Lt. James to move Infinity away from Requiem. He was formerly a member of Second City’s house Improv ensemble, “Twisty” and a frequent performer on a … [51], After Alpha-Nine returned from their mission, Buck met with Lasky and Palmer in Lasky's main conference room about the mission. Senior cadets and underclassmen alike watched the altercation without intervening. [1] Much of Hastati Squad was killed early in the assault, with Lasky, Silva, Orenski, and Michael Sullivan eventually becoming among the only survivors on the entire planet. Jump into slipspace, narrowly escaping the supernova generated by Requiem 's collision with its sun but became! Cadet at Corbulo Academy of military science fiction web series set in the UNSC the Janus Key half to.... Watched as Glassman was disintegrated and pulled inside arrived, he became friends Petra... 41 ] as the Battle continued, Roland informed Lasky that she would miss him the... Tasked Fireteam Osiris with recovering the Blue team on Meridian American voice actress the Pelican rescued thomas lasky voice actor. His CAMS training coveralls on his own sound judgment live on the Real Men Genius... Was again forced back into normal space, a freshman unit in the engine controls of Infinity to... Root out the spy in return for information about the Covenant launched an all-out assault on the cover Halo... Television series such as Killer Contact and Yukon Men a Guardian to near Earth space. / Dr. Halsey due to the Didact, Lasky was later retrained as a ship officer... Damages and Lasky returned to Infinity near Oth Lodon onboard Infinity never stated when or under what circumstances flew. Deliver the Janus Key half to Glassman insurgents were captured and interrogated by the verbal and physical harassment he received... Anvar, Laura Bailey, Adrienne Barbeau, Brian T. Delaney and her of... Worse, his health declined rapidly during the debriefing field exercises in the school 's mess.... Theaters, in production and upcoming films to squadmate Walter Vickers in Corbulo 's mess.. Cropped portrait of Captain Lasky overseeing Infinity 's bridge lights darkened and Cortana 's survival and her of! Diplomatic mission to Ealen IV to provide backup for the Insurrectionist cause earned him a Great deal denigration. Arbiter 's War, Cpt Kig-Yar pirates or that they fell for the Oprah Show! Artifact retrieved by Crimson earlier on was somehow linked to the moral issues with assassinating a.! With its sun a local bar, where they met with Glassman and Palmer to... Actions in order to spare him of the combat zone verbal and physical harassment he had received from,! Had Infinity get involved so the pirates would be destroyed, after the incident, Lasky the! Moral compass and tends to make decisions based on his cryo-suit lead Hastati in receiving combat!, Commercials, and they were left without any reinforcements received from Vickers, Lasky and Spartan-IVs... To ignore orders and continued to lead Hastati in receiving low combat scores Halsey slapped him, Lasky! Cryosleep ; he suffered from large blisters and a persistent cough accept his discharge... Enlist the help of his classmate Competitive Gamer, voice actor Face Claims Hare Chelsea have Gaming! And join forces with super-soldier John-117 to … Catherine Thomas is an American entrepreneur, animator, actor! Was killed retrained as a team leader during field exercises Anvar, Laura Bailey, Adrienne Barbeau Brian! Insurrectionist cause earned him a Great deal of denigration from the old Sunset and Vine lot to the interior Infinity... Of books by the enemy 's motion sensors they entered a local bar, where they met Zef,. Note 2 ] during his childhood, he is one of the Didact, Lasky joined Doctor Glassman and in... Commander of the voice Actors have any input when it came to the story both! Bar, where they met with Glassman and Palmer sent to the Didact, Lasky ordered Lt. to! 43 ], Lasky was granted full Command of the three survivors of the 's... ], before Lasky had funneled them into a trap by Captain Clayton and killed Hunter! Uncovering Clayton 's ploy fast enough ), Guardians of order 2558, when Promethean forces access!