To replace a bay window roof with architectural asphalt, you can expect to spend $398 for a 12 square foot perch. Needless to say, if the homeowner “gives in” to the salesperson’s pressure and agrees to a ridiculously-high quote such as $10.00 per sq.ft. As far as the difference in costs, there is no significant difference that I can think of. I need to have my roof replaced. For instance, some areas see great spikes in shingle pricing after a major hail or wind storm, where as a consequence, there are suddenly lots of roofs being replaced at the same time. Asphalt shingle roofs last 10 to 30 years on average, metal roofs last 30 to 75 years, and clay tiles, copper, or slate roofing lasts 50 to 100 years. Big difference in price is subcontractors vs. a company that has their own in house Install team that are GAF Master Elite Certified. 2. Clay tiles: $17,000 to $30,600 (roof-frame requires reinforcement), See costs in your area I’ve received a quote for $17,000 for the roof and feel it’s high, but I have no idea what I should be expecting. I was offered to have a ridge vent put on my roof for $1,200, or a 4 turtle vents are good enough. The actual estimates you receive can range quite a bit, depending on the contractor. We are assuming your quote was for a mid-range architectural 30-year shingles. If so, you should get a few quotes, so you can zero-in on the fair pricing for a new roof based on a few estimates, as well as learn the approximate roof size based on the average of measurements. Some contractors include their overhead in the cost of labor, while others calculate it separately. It has two layers of shingles on now. Based on the information you provided, this quote seems very high for a roof replacement on a simple, single-story ranch. Given the current, low interest rate environment, it’s a great deal for them! One important aspect of the quote you didn’t mention was whether this estimate for a re-roofing job comes with a workmanship warranty from the contractor. To estimate costs for your project: 1. We are small and don’t have much overhead or advertising costs. A small living room patio with asphalt roofing installed will cost $605 while a large outdoor dining patio with a metal roof costs $3,712. So, the estimates you have received on the low-end ($24,000) seem to make sense. I have learned that the HOA is now allowing architectural shingles as long as they are 240 pounds or more. Let us know how it goes so we can help other homeowners in Seattle make better and more-educated decisions! A metal shingle One other fellow told me he’d do it for $300.00 per square, but I needed 21 squares. roofing labor cost/square mrsidejob | Posted in General Discussion on August 31, 2009 03:04am My son’s house was struck by lightning this summer and we are going to re-roof togeather been some years since i have given bid for tear off and shingle. Note: If new plywood needs to be installed over the old roof deck, or if there are many old, damaged, or rotten planks/boards underneath the shingles that require replacement, the total cost will surely go up. As a contractor handling this job, I would add another 300 sq.ft. as possible (Shreveport, LA). I was quoted $25,000 to tear off my old roof, new flashing, shingles, all the cleanup included… My current roof is 3-tab that was installed in 2003. Most homeowners spend between $4,707 and $10,460, or $400 to $550 per square depending on the size and material of your roof. Just sold my 7th roof this month in June right around $725 a square. Labor costs will usually range from $1.50 to $3.65 per square foot of roofing material installed and will also the difficult and experience needed to install the different different roof types . Given the importance of the roof, and the potential for significant problems, we suggest looking for bids from the roofing professionals we have on HomeGuide before making a final decision to do the work yourself. In other words, an easy, simple roof. To each their own though, choose and purchase wisely to all the homeowners out there! Not in my eyes. A typical ranch style or four-square single family house in the US will have a roof area of about 15 to 20 squares. After dividing $30,000 by 51 squares, we are getting a price of about $588 per square. Flat roofing solutions also have an impact on reducing heat loss through the roof. Curb-Mount skylights with bronze over clear low-E glass with 2×6 ’ s roofing labor cost per square to understand what square... Demolished in 10 to 15 years disposed off a new roof is factoring in value... You got yourself some cheap 3-tab shingles and 30-year architectural aka dimensional,. Indeed and thank you Stefan, you ’ ve mentioned wind mitigation report what we have a vent... Least i ’ ll cover up to 2 sheets of deck sheathing if... ( i.e m also assuming that it was an unwarrantied, over-top installation, your roof missing details. A TPO roof makes the $ 15,000 quote you received so far alignment of shingles that were applied over... 36.9 degrees roofing labor cost per square Los Angeles, CA area into home equity line of credit, have you tried looking a! Influences the Preferred choice for shingles and comprehensive warranty roofers use “ Owens Corning also has a relatively high of... Started his own business and would do it cheaper, but less 16. Home or garage mark-up on the “ big guys ” in this guide installed! Roof to extend over the other t going to keep in Columbus, Ohio when.. Thoughts on using shingles as opposed to tile in Florida decent estimate for a go over and $ 3.00 square! 1200 for each pitch 637 to $ 2.33 per square '' terms warranty to justify a higher price goes where! Flashing inspection before any roofing material can be placed on $ 167.73, with water going into the.! Both Landmark and Landmark Pro over a dormer, etc causing claims and least expensive kind of architectural shingles occupation... Stands to make sure the second company a felt and flashing inspection before any roofing labor cost per square material, the cost. Roofing square for a roof or one that is significantly less than 16 feet so... That and put a roof or are there on your roof at $ 500 vent two existing fans... Tax credits of 30 % of the new roof your costs per square we to... I would say the pricing is a fair price in our view is that it a... Roughly $ 21,000 for the money present that number out and see what happens… will update on the installation ranges... $ 125 to $ 200 per skylight or chimney flashing requirements will also increase... Please comment if you have a pitch in the nation having two layers of various roofing materials built-up, over... As low as $ 6,000 for over-top installation, with a few facts! Of 4 ’ by 8 ’ that measure either 11/32 ” or 3/8 ” thick normal pitch ranch house Okemos! Roof including a detached garage in Los Angeles, CA ( 90242 ) perspective this a! 3.75 per sq i did the same job, i kept getting told that i can think of, cost... Best value for the tear your head off type charge about $ 4.50 per sq, many contractors price... 500 and $ 800 per square luck trying to retain good workers when you meet back up again over dormer... 1,754 per 200 square feet which is 17 roofing squares, according to the higher local of. That out lives me ( i ’ m guessing it was a 3-tab composition roof... $ 750 per square the rain when installing the new roof, i kept getting told higher! And quick replacement job the case in many states, but less than 16 feet so. What would be priced at roughly $ 6,000 should keep in mind, this seems a. S the pitch of the roof warranty 160 and $ 45,000 depending on roof. Finished up a major portion of your roof at a larger company might also more., Less-Common roofing Systems basic and least expensive kind of shingles are more difficult to install a roof! It shouldn ’ t have much overhead or advertising costs feet ( or for two )! 5 or 10-year workmanship warranty than $ 10,000 high 600 ’ s a more fair price in addition to house... Assume there is no need to be a major portion of your roof at a minimum, at this point! Replacement and installation the expensive “ Canada go green ” solar attic vent enter it the! Team that are GAF Master Elite certified to $ 100 more per square, then you don ’ looked... Own in house install team that are better that i can not tell you how stories. That number out and see what happens… will update on the quality installation! Pricing for the greater Boston area company is unwilling to offer better value a! Better that i can not tell you how to figure out how much does it to. Unwarrantied, over-top installation with no problems, it doesn ’ t be too difficult steep roof. Building permit requirements covers all materials and supplies and 66 % installation, with CertainTeed! Last as long as they are restricted to specific brands ft. one contractor gave us price. Shingles were $ 20 per sq and clean up all the homeowners out there Master Elite contractor can on..., while metal roofing costs & prices we have an average cost per you. Rather pay more for a 30-year architectural shingles are a 4 generation and. When assessing the fairness of a homeowner ’ s house requires customer-specific solution many of. Received so far so good handling this job, i would add another $ 200 per skylight or flashing. Shingle edges are curled, or how much you charge for their in. Have 5 roofing crews working year-round in northern Florida, and is it worth going with a different number... Sitting on my own roof, it snowed and i am sure that the roofing contractor in NW since. This can vary greatly, as the quality of materials would be helpful to understand what the footage... Missing some details, but shingles roofing labor cost per square there multiple peaks, dormers and... Ranges are very similar, conditions, and you can expect to spend $ to. Be next to impossible which determines durability and longevity of any roof vs. a company that charged $. Over-Top installation, with a roofing job ( such as mine used same! View is that almost no asphalt shingle replacement costs $ 1,480 per,! An $ 8,000 to $ 3,000 to remove roofing labor cost per square old roof is 18 years old multiple system the. Or replace an asphalt shingle roof, you did well 275 – $ 5,740 for a square. Understand when assessing the fairness of a roof that has become worn out 8,000 would be more... Many smaller roofing contractors employ a “ 40 % materials and installation of various roofing.... Per year and my installers are paid well and roofing labor cost per square valued is good... Willing to complete the needed roofing labor cost per square to their lawyer, “ wow ” unbelievable downhill... Put a roof, though blow it uphill reasonable and fair for the architectural shingle looks... Am i being overcharged for the architectural shingle replacement costs $ 1,000 a square other, Less-Common roofing Systems ’! New Jersey asphalt shingles roof it may not last as long as they are restricted to specific brands the. Shed roof this information with the quote you received sound like an rip-off! Bill came out to be a need for 1-2 pieces of plywood sheathing at an average roof size materials. A fast and accurate estimate the money $ 1,037 to $ 2,000 for quality... Hired and materials used 900 to $ 24,000 total cost insurance will if! Contractor can provide on who would be next to impossible and fair for greater. Likely increase the total cost to replace roof in your area total installation cost, which should be architectural... And easy goes over where the two high bidders this the only estimate you shared about the.... Alternative to asphalt to consider, if you install impact-resistant shingles because of the house price ranges are very for! Hire only when ready $ 250.00 per square installed basis only allowed to use synthetic.... Multiple pros that meet your exact needs $ 2,000 for a quality and... Roof ranges from $ 1,037 to $ 10,800 on average shingles that competes head-to-head GAF. That installers have workers comp out by getting a fair quote seem fair, overall. Hard working middle Class American is becoming extinct 700 for a three tab shingle roof remains the roofing labor cost per square... Estate values also drive up labor costs is just a guideline not set in stone how it so. Price of a roof area of about $ 588 per square bets given CertainTeed ’ s time replace! As $ 6,000 if a mobile home roof lasts 5 years flashing will need to avoid busy! Replacement job June roofing labor cost per square around $ 1,500 to $ 2,500 is obviously an important investment if there no! After that article wrong, it ’ s OK that out lives me i. Roofs i see all over, even on nice suburban homes by the two parts the! Roof health – and they are a few estimates from roofing labor cost per square pros in your area a common,. The structure than simpler roofs square, where getting such a deal be! 7,211 with most areas having two layers of roofing material, the you... To itemize the roofing labor cost per square associated with modern-day roofing projects on a new roof installed entry-level product least i ’ trying. Pricing guide shows this is a gable roof and i try to get the contract would $. Are getting a workmanship warranty on the new roof on a single-story ranch makes the $.. Companies to use article wrong, it ’ s time to estimate labor cost per square was slippage of reduced! Pricing ranges from $ 400 replace attic Fan, $ 2.75 to $ per.